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Think of high returns with reduced payback periods

Government rebates available up to $90,000 in Australia.


When it comes to reducing energy costs, it's hard to beat commercial solar energy systems. More Australian companies are investing in these systems than ever.


What are the key advantages of commercial solar energy systems?


Significant cost savings

A commercial solar energy system can help you slash your company's energy costs by up to 40 per cent or more. The money you save could be used to grow and expand your business or to offer better benefits to your employees.


It's more affordable than you think

Many business owners immediately rule out solar power because they are convinced that it's too expensive. In the last few years, however, commercial solar power costs have dropped by more than 50 percent in many cases. If you haven't looked at these systems lately, it's time you did. You're sure to be pleasantly surprised by how much more affordable they are.


Save more with Government incentives

The Australian Government is eager to have as many businesses switch to solar energy as possible. To encourage this, the Government offers many significant incentives. Make sure to familiarise yourself with these incentives before deciding against commercial solar power. When you subtract the amount you will save through incentives from the total price of a new system, you may discover that there's room in your budget for one after all.


Lots of sunshine equals more electricity

In many parts of the world, the sun hardly ever shines. That's not the case here in Australia, where we enjoy many sunny days. Businesses that use solar energy systems in Australia can rest assured that they will produce a significant amount of electricity, which will result in considerable energy savings from the very start.


Show customers you care

Many people are concerned about the environment and prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies. After investing in a commercial solar energy system, there's no reason not to share the news with your customers. Doing so will cast your business in a very favourable light.


Risk management

Rising energy costs and the recent introduction of a carbon price could eat away at your bottom line. A great way to reduce your exposure to these risks is by investing in solar power for business. By doing this now, you will take a proactive approach to the situation.

Solar feed in tariffs have dropped so solar is more productive for those who use most of their energy in day time.


Eco-Linked commercial tender and installation process

  • Initial consultation to understand the needs of your business

  • Submission of electricity bill and interval load data  by the business

  • Analysis of electricity bill and Load interval data

  • Understanding and managing the Power factor

  • Site survey by qualified engineers and technicians and it includes

    • Measuring roof space , tilt and orientation

    • Checking meter box , switch boards and circuit breakers

    • General survey of the site with diagrams

    • Understanding the needs of the business

  • Detailed analysis of the bill and load data

  • Finding the right system size based on roof space and electricity consumption patterns

  • Contacting the utility provider for any specific requirement they have in that area

  • Select the right components for the solar system

  • Prepare a detailed business proposal that would include the system design , return on investment and other important information's

  • Make an appointment with the decision makers to present the proposal and answer the questions and queries they have

  • Arrange for the finance option ( If required)

  • Submit grid application to  the utility provider

  • Arrange for installation date and time

  • Post installation checkout and sign off

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