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Price includes standard installation


$8.50 per week over 60 month, zero deposit, 0% interest finance available


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✓  EV Charger
✓ 6m Type 2 Cable


The Ocular LTE EV Wallbox comes in 2 variants: Universal and Tethered. The brand’s Charge with Vision slogan refers to colourful LCD display which helps drivers understand their charging speed and identify any issues. As EV drivers ourselves this feature is invaluable as most wallboxes rely simply on LED lights.

It comes with a colourful LCD display that allows users to clearly see the current charging status including charging time, voltage, current internal temperature, etc.

Non-hardware faults that occur during charging will be automatically fixed. Faults that require manual repair will be displayed on the LCD screen. The housing is sturdy and has an IP66 rating. It can be easily installed on the wall. If the customer prefers wallbox to be installed on the stand, we can provide the matching one.

Ideal use is for home and light commercial applications.

Input & Output

  • Input voltage/Output voltage – AC 230V
  • Adjustable output – 8A/15A/20A/24A/32A – Via the right hand side button – April 2022 Models and onwards
  • Input frequency – 50Hz
  • Max. output power – 7.4KW(1 Phase)
  • Max. output current – 32Amp
  • Charging interface type – IEC 62196-2, SAE J1772


  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Over load protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Over-temp protection
  • Lightning protection

Function and Accessory

  • LCD – 3.5 inch
  • RCD – Type A + 6mA DC
  • LED Indicator light

Working environment

  • Protection degree – IP66
  • Environment temperature – -40 ~ 75 Degrees Celcius
  • Relative humidity – 0-95%
  • Cooling – Natural Air Cooling
  • Standby power consumption – <8W


  • Dimension (W/H/D) – 295/195/65mm
  • Weight – 6 kg

Mounting Accessories

  • Wall-mounting bracket
  • Ground-mounting pole – Optional



Faster charging 

With the Ocular Universal charging station range, you can charge up to 4-12 times faster than with a conventional domestic portable.

Simple To Use, Easy to Install

The Ocular Wallbox can be installed easily with the unit preconfigured. The electrician just needs to mount and connect it to the electricity board of a home. Once installed, you can charge your electric car with a handle. The multicoloured LCD shows the current operating status at all times.

Integrated Cable Holder

Ocular is all about the user experience, as seen with the inbuilt cable holder to neatly wrap and protect your EV equipment.

Multiple Variations 

Choose either a universal charging station or purchase with a 6m Type 2 cable hardwired onto the unit. Available in both single and three-phase.

Charge every EV in Australia

Every EV in Australia is compatible with this EV charger, including Tesla. We understand that people don’t keep the same EV forever and your EV charging solution should provide you with the flexibility to upgrade or add more EVs to your home.

Australian Owned 

100% Australian-owned with Australian-based support. Be confident that your charging station is backed locally and that your warranty is held under Australian consumer laws.

Installation included in the price:

The installation is carried out by a licensed and qualified electrician familiar with Australian industry standards and is fully responsible for the installation.

OCULAR LTE Single phase AC EV Charger

Sales Tax Included
  • $8.50 per week

     60 month, zero deposit, 0% interest  finance available

    All our prices include GST, delivery and standard installation in metropolitan areas, prices subject to information provided by the customer or onsite assessment by one of our clean energy council accredited solar and battery installers.

    If you cant find what you are looking for, get a free energy assessment and few personalised priced energy solutions for your home or business HERE

    ✓ Save money on your energy bill
    ✓ ROI of over 30%
    ✓ Improve the value of your property
    ✓ Reduce your carbon footprint

    The installation of solar energy is the greenest, the most economic and cleanest source of renewable energy generated electricity available. When you install batteries, and EV Chargers you will not only reduce your electricity bill costs, and your carbon emissions, but you will also become a member of Australia’s clean energy revolution.

    Free Consultation

    Consult with our helpful ECO LINKED team who can give you advice and recommendations as to the most suitable installation that will help to decrease your ever increasing energy costs and increase the value of your property.

    ECO LINKED offer a free of charge, no obligation site consultation, to determine the most suitable and cost effective system dependent on a number of factors, such as size of building, times of usage and the overall energy consumption. If you prefer call us for a phone consultation 1300 123 326

    Return on Investment of up to 30%

    In many cases, the return on your investment could be as great as 30%, which we can verify with an on-site consultation and follow up email and documentation. The labour warranty we provide is a secure 10 years, unless otherwise stated, with inverters and solar panel manufacturers providing their own product guarantees spanning from 5 to 25 years.

    You can arrange a free consultation by calling 1300 123 326 or click HERE

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